Bone Cement Vancogenx

Vancogenx is the ideal complement in the fixation of antibiotic-loaded spacers and permanent fixation of prostheses following two-stage revision procedures; particularly where there is the risk or presence of infection caused by bacteria sensitive to Gentamicin and/or Vancomycin.

Versions: 40g

Vancogenx ensures:

  • Ideal viscosity for every requirement:
    - suitable for manual application
    - suitable for syringe application
  • All the advantages of a Tecres cement:
    - reduced polymerization temperature
    - reduced toxicity
    - excellent mechanical performances
  • Release of Gentamicin and Vancomycin:
    - broad spectrum of action
    - antimicrobial synergy
    - effective and prolonged release

Why Gentamicin e Vancomycin?

  • Have a synergic action.
    In association, they enhance their anti-bacterial effectiveness
  • Have a spectrum of activity which covers about 90% of pathogens normally isolated in orthopaedic infections
  • s the association most described and used when bone cement is utilized alongside the treatment of infections


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