Cemex Genta


CEMEX GENTA bone cement contains Gentamicin and is available in two versions, high and low viscosity, which can be used for the fixation of artificial joint prostheses to the host bone.

In particular, these cements are indicated where there is the risk or presence of infections caused by organisms sensitive to Gentamicin.


  • High viscosity:40g
    CEMEX GENTA bone cement can be prepared and handled rapidly and is ideal for manual application.
  • Low viscosity: 40g
    CEMEX GENTA bone cement is ideal for application with injection device.


The special 3:1 ratio (3 parts powder and 1 part liquid), invented by Tecres and used with success for more than 25 years ensures important advantages:

  • reduced porosity: Cemex powder particles have a very regular and uniform surface. This means that the cement is very compact, with extremely few air bubbles.
  • lower polymerisation temperature: every gram of monomer generates heat equal to 130 Kcal. Thanks to its special powder component, Cemex requires about 30% less liquid than other bone cements, thereby substantially reducing the maximum temperature reached at the end of the chemical reaction.
  • reduced toxicity: during cementation, one of the most frequent side effect is a drop in blood pressure. Cemex is absolutely the least toxic cement for patients.
  • reduced shrinkage: when cement hardens, one of the effects of the chemical reaction is the reduction in volume of the mass of cement. This reduction is proportional to the amount of liquid present in the formulation. Reducing the amount of liquid allows a strong reduction of the shrinkage phenomena.
  • high mechanical and clinical performances: as demonstrated in many international publications, Cemex is a safe and reliable cement, with long-term clinical follow-up and excellent clinical performances.

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