Cemex System Genta


CEMEX SYSTEM GENTA: the only ALL IN ONE system for the Gentamicin bone cement mixing and extrusion with preloaded liquid and powder dosed.

It is indicated for the fixation of joint prosthesis implants to the host bone. In particular, this cement is indicated where there is the risk or presence of infections caused by organisms sensitive to Gentamicin.


  • Cemex System Genta: 60g and 80g
  • Cemex System Genta Fast: 70g. and 40g
    It is suitable in cases where reduced application times are required.


  1. Contamination is impossible: Cemex System is completely enclosed, with liquid and powder components sealed inside. The operator never comes into contact with the material during cementation stages, nor do the components come into contact with the enviroment.
  2. No vapours: the system is completely sealed and odour-free; operators are not exposed to toxic monomer vapours.
  3. Easy to use and store: the system only requires the specific re-sterilizable gun (gun02 ). Cemex System is a combined bone cement mixing and delivery device
  4. Cemex cement: all the advantages of Cemex cement (reduction of heat, shrinkage, toxicity and porosity, high mechanical and clinical performances) are an added quality benefit in Cemex System.
  5. Broad range: the Cemex System range is the most complete available on the market.


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