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Bone cement, infection and local treatment in orthopaedic surgery

18th October 2013
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Session I
Bone cement: 50 years of successful clinical history. Cemex bone cement, the proof of evidence that also cement can be improved
Calonego G - Verona, Italy

The legacy of Sir John Charnley
Purbach B - Wrightington, UK

10-year results of a low-monomer cement: follow-up of a randomized RSA study
Rohrl S – Trondheim, Norway

Diffusion into bone tissue of Gentamicin - Vancomycin combination from PMMA device in experimental osteomyelitis, and in vitro bacterial adhesion to PMMA
Bertazzoni Minelli E - Verona, Italy

TJA and infection: prevention, therapeutic strategies and current trends
Varsalona R – Siracusa, Italy

Antibiotic in bone cement. There is something you should know
Calonego G - Verona, Italy

Session II
Long-term results of acute prosthetic joint infection treated with debridement and prosthesis retention: a case-control study
Garcia S - Barcelona, Spain

One-stage revision
Morgan-Jones R – Cardiff, UK

Preformed spacer: review of published literature
Calonego G - Verona, Italy

Comparison of articulating versus static antibiotic laden cement spacers in two-staged knee revision arthroplasty for sepsis
Peev P. - Stanmore, UK

Does a prefabricated gentamicin-impregnated, load-bearing spacer control periprosthetic hip infection?
Naudie D – London-ON, Canada

Measurements of in vivo intra-articular gentamicin and gentamicin/vancomycin levels from antibiotic loaded articulating spacers in revision TKR
Murray J - Bristol, UK

Vancogenx-Space for Hip and for Knee: clinical results from a multi-center trial
Martinez Pastor J - Barcelona, Spain

Vancogenx-Space for Hip and for Knee Gentamicin and Vancomycin levels in serum urine from a multi-center trial
Bertazzoni Minelli E - Verona, Italy

Two-stage revision in septic shoulder prostheses
Crosby L – Agusta-GA, USA

Cemented revision: Cemover
Rinciari E. - Messina, IT



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